Board Member/Founder: Rebecca Landrith, New York Fashion Model and Humanitarian

Board Member/Co-Founder: Jay Alvear, key makeup artist for Fashion Week in Milan

Board Member: Jonathan Hafey

Board Member and Holistic Living Expert: Dara Machotka

Board Member and Fashion Model: Casandra Tressler, 2010 Miss United States International. Tressler also represented the USA internationally in Chengdu, China where she was named 1 of 7 Iconic Women of the World. Above all Tressler is a women of Faith who prides herself in living everyday for the Glory of her one true Heavenly Father.

Administrative Assistants: Holly U. and Elizabeth H. offers Public Relations and Branding. 

The Founder Ms. Landrith is a New York Fashion Model who has received many Awards for her Humanitarian work.  

Landrith was a Manhattan finalist, and Featured on Amc's WE network "America's It Girl."  Landrith has used her "power" to help others and strengthen Integrity and Ethics in her community and Advocate for things that matter.  She is unimpressed by all the superficial things of this world, and is not controlled by greed, money, or profit.  Her conscience is very developed, so if you're looking for someone who will smooth talk/lie or otherwise cheat/deceive people and stoop low, look elsewhere.  This chick takes the high road and is not concerned what people think of her. The haters are jealous anyway, everybody knows that.=))

People like to deal with people they can Trust, not smooth talkers or people that talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

No one like Frauds, deal with professionals who are REAL.

Btw- Models, beware of deadbeat clients who don't pay you or keep their end of the bargain.  Set a good example and don't tolerate abuse and unprofessionalism.  And raise awareness and tell others to set a standard and maintain professionalism in the industry.  There are too many predators out there - in every industry - but nice girls tend to be preyed on the most, unfortunately.  Also, this is worth reading as well  Do not be afraid to speak out and do the right thing. 

Purchase the 2015 Magazine Feature of Ms. Landrith in Modern Model Magazine. Pages Five through Nine.